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Bird control products and solutions. Designed and Installed.

For many businesses, pigeons and seagulls can becoime a nuisance to both staff and visitors.

There are many different solutions available and sometimes selecting the correct product can be difficult.

MADE Propery Services have over 10 years experience in the supply and installation of bird deterrent products and systems, protecting buildings from a variety of different species including, gulls, pigeons and other small bird species.

All of the systems we utilise are none destructive meaning that special licenses are not required to be obtained prior to installation.


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The process

The choice of product or system will depend on the species that requires control.

For full control, Bird Netting systems are best. These systems protect the areas by covering them in netting that will not allow the target species to enter. The netting is often suspeded between stainless steel wire or for areas that require access, a series of posts which allow operatives to access these areas without the need to crouch or remove the system.

For small localised areas there are also a number of products that deter birds by prevent landing and unobstructed roosting. These systems often take the form of spikes, wires, and spiders (also known as Daddi Long Legs chimney defenders).

The choice is vast but the correct system must be selected to ensure the customers requirements are met.

the benefits

  • Reduced noise and fouling

  • Spread of disease reduced

  • Less mess created by roosting and nesting birds.

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