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Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services across Dorset.

Proper maintenance of the guttering system is essential to ensure efficient water flow and longevity of the system.


Blockages in the guttering will inevitably lead to water overflowing outside and sometimes inside the building often meaning costly repairs and damage.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning 

Guttering is a hugely important element of your property’s roofing system and it is vital that it remains clear, allowing unobstructed water flow. Our commercial gutter cleaning services ensure your gutters are clear of debris and blockages so that they can continue to protect your property from potential water damage.


All types of debris can find its way into your gutter such as leaves, twigs and other types of vegetation, as well as bird waste, feathers and even litter. When left uncleaned this debris will lead to blockages which can have significant consequences.


Clogged gutters can cause leaks, leading to damaged ceilings, walls and insulation, including rot, damp and mould and in extreme cases can even damage your building’s foundation. MADE Property Services can provide expert commercial gutter cleaning services, offering peace of mind during bad weather.

The Cleaning Process

We have found that a regular cleaning schedule of the guttering will ensure that debris within the system remains as minimal as possible.

Full gutters will often sag under the weight of waterlogged debris. This can cause premature leaks along the system and in the case of box steel and galvanized guttering, an increased rate of corrosion.

Cleaning will be undertaken by experienced operatives, trained in the safe use of safety harnesses, MEWP's (cherry pickers), and roof lifeline systems.

Typically gutters will either be cleaned using specialist gutter vacuum systems that can be operated from the ground, or by manually removing the debris by hand. 

In this case, our operatives will often make use of cherry pickers, mobile access towers, or existing roof lifeline systems.

Our commercial gutter cleaning services are suitable for all property types throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. To discuss how our services can benefit your commercial or industrial premises, get in touch with our team today.

The Benefits

  • Reduced risk of leaks and premature failure

  • Improved building integrity

  • Improved lifespan of guttering

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