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Commercial Jet Washing of paths, carparks, and paved areas.

After time, environmental conditions and general traffic can lead to areas such as car parks, paths, and paved areas becoming unsightly.


In some cases this perceived dirt actually consists of algae, lichens, and mosses. Algae in particular can cause surfaces to become extremely slippery.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

The paths, car parks, driveways, patios and other paved areas of your commercial property are magnets for all types of dirt and mess. Vehicle and foot traffic, weather conditions and other environmental circumstances all play their part in causing your external areas to look dull and unclean.


As this is a process that happens over time the severity of how bad it looks commonly goes unnoticed. However, after taking advantage of our commercial jet washing service our clients are always shocked by the difference it makes.


It’s not just about how it looks though. The growth of algae, lichen and moss poses a significant hazard as it can become very slippery, especially when wet. Having your paths, patios and car parks professionally pressure washed helps to keep them safe and look great at the same time.


We understand that it may be tempting to purchase your own pressure washer from your local DIY store and attempt to tackle the situation yourself. While you may have limited success, it’s more likely to result in a waste of your time and money! At MADE Property Services we have the equipment and expertise necessary to provide the standard of pressure washing your property deserves.

The Cleaning Process

Although a pressure washer is used in most circumstances, we will often augment the cleaning process by using specialist cleaning detergents as a pre-treatment.

These detergents aid the cleaning process by helping to rid the surface of algae, lichen and mould completely.


Most surfaces will only require a pre-treatment and then a pressure clean, but surfaces made up of block paving or similar will require the jointing sand to be replaced afterwards.


MADE Property Services can provide commercial pressure washing services in Poole, Dorchester, Weymouth and throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset. Get in touch today for your free no obligation quote.

The Benefits

  • Surfaces become safer to walk on

  • Areas will look rejuvenated

  • The area will be more pleasant for staff and visitors

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